Transform Your Spaces With New Home Décor Trends

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Everybody desires to have a dreamy and beautiful home. It is the place where we spend most of the time of our lives. It represents our lifestyle, standard and personality. Our guests quickly relate or read us by the way we have designed our homes. They start making a map of various things related to your personality, taste, and behavior just after having a look at your home. Thus, it is very important to understand your home’s architecture and design so that you can buy Premium Home Décor Products to upgrade or beautify your spaces. Be it a living room, bedroom or any other room, it is essential to pay an equal amount of attention to each and every corner of your home to bring the best results. Every year comes up with new home décor trends to take the décor statement to a new level. This year, décor experts are expecting some new trends that will surely stay for some time and can bring a great impact to your home as well as an environment.

Cushion Covers

This year, maximalism has replaced the minimalism. According to home décor experts, it’s the right time to invest in a rich, layered and extensive collection of home décor products. Be it photo frame, bed linen, sculptures, cushion covers or table lamps, one must pick vibrant shades and rich prints to take the décor quotient to the next level.


It is the year of creative art. One can pick creative and artistic figurines, sculptures or bookends to make a sophisticated statement. One can decorate walls or corners of the space with Objet D’art, abstract or art pieces with faces to transfix your guests. The decorative jars or bowls can also bring a unique bohemian spirit to your spaces.According to décor trend forecasters, an experimental trend will take over the home décor industry in coming years. It will be in terms of expressive, multi-cultural and multi-colored to bring a new change. One can invest into oval sized tables with asymmetrical legs and glass top to create a very dynamic and serene look into space. When it comes to the colors, then bottle green, matte black, deep green or anything with vibrant and luminous will rule the home décor industry in the coming year.


Similarly, bedroom decor will also see geometric and tribal patterns. Premium silks, satins and Velvet Bedspreads in with geometric patterns and tribal prints are here to stay. The global prints and ethnic designs followed by hand embroidery work will never go anywhere anytime soon. And the way, the environment is getting deteriorated day by day and becomes a major crisis all across the world, décor experts are expecting eco-friendly materials and smart ways to recycle products to save and giving back to the planet will be encouraged. Live plant walls to artificial flowers to bring freshness without deteriorating environment will surely bring a huge change in the current scenario.

Last but certainly not the least, knowing the fact that life is becoming hectic day by day, thus, online shopping for home décor will also become a new trend by the arrival of 2019. One will also prefer to buy home décor products online in India.

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