Outdoor Lighting for Parties

When it comes to planning outdoor parties, lighting is something that needs to be paid a lot of attention to. As the party is going to be happening outdoors, and since any successful party doesn’t stop before midnight, proper lighting arrangements need to be in place. But nowhere is it written that you can only put up the tried and tested string lights hanging above your guests. There are many creative routes that you can take to arrange for outdoor lighting.

One thing you can do to arrange for outdoor lighting for parties is by covering canning jars in translucent glass paint and then hanging them from chord fixtures to create a wonderful collection of bright colorful lights. Another popular way to create outdoor lighting is by creating paper bag lanterns. You can do this by cutting small slits in paper bags and cover them with string lights. Not only is using this way going to be convenient, but it will also add to the overall appeal of your party.


Similarly, just like using paper bag lanterns, another creative way of creating outdoor lighting is using old wine bottles and turning them into lighting torches. All you have to do to get these wine bottle lights is to add a wick in an empty wine bottle and then light it. That’s it.

ou can also make glass candle lanterns, where you can make lighting arrangements simply by using old glass jars, tuna cans, and candles. Alternatively, you can also go for hanging tea lights you simply need to hang tea lights from trees using ribbons.


Two other very creative ways include making glow in the darkly painted planters, where your plants are placed in pots made up of fluorescent lights and placing glowing light orbs where all you do is place fluorescent light orbs around your outdoor venue.


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