Add a Touch of Velvet Bedspread to Give Your Living Room Luxurious Vibes

Home needs to be lively, inspiring and relaxing at the same time. A home is the idea of belongingness expressing the need to come back and relax after a long hectic schedule. The bright color of the walls, the warm welcoming home accessories and soft relaxing bed with a cushion to cuddle tight can bring home the feeling of absolute happiness.

It is time to let your home define you by your choices in the modern world. A new duvet cover or bedspread requires far less of the commitment required compared to the painting of walls or purchasing furniture. What a combo it can be to club the notion of soft, tender luxurious bedspreads with Royal Designer Cushion Covers to add up to the beauty of your home. Here are certain ways to spruce up your dull bedroom with bright bedding trends.


The changing standard has brought in a new tinge of creative patterns. This has led to the revival of silky trends in the velvet backgrounds. The fusion of traditional and modern styles has brought the luxurious bedspreads and cushion covers, once again, into the fashion to build a new signature statement. It’s time to go with the royal fabrics such as velvets, silks, and satins to add a touch of glamour.

Global demand has brought myriad varieties of handmade covers with unique combinations of Indian bright colors. Amidst these, the most luxurious ones are the filling up with the vintage patterns and outlooks. The ideas related to several themes can suit the occasions providing the rich add up to your home décor.

In fact, the Indian handicrafts have also a huge range of options to provide for the luxurious quotient. The rich Embroidery work is usually expressed on several textiles including cotton, or rayon stitched to unique art patterns. Designs architecture includes a mixture of floral, geometrical or mythological motifs that represented court scenes or temple devotees, a celebration of festivals in much the same way as these were depicted in the royal painting among others.


Another upcoming trend to suit the demands of several specific occasions is the customization. Proper infusion of innovative ideas can set the right tone for the décor of the entire room and create episodes of wonderful memories. The cushion covers and bedspreads now include several statements, illustrations to convey a message that you want to convey to your loved ones. The royalty in saying things without saying much can be enhanced by premium bed linen. Address Home, a premium home décor brand in India, listens carefully to the needs of décor connoisseurs, thus, brings a luxurious range of bedspreads and Cushion Covers in Velvet, Satins, and Silk. The Brand offers myriad palettes from vibrant to peaceful shades. The collection has digital prints, embroidered patterns, intricate textures and designs are inspired by Mughalesque, Italian and global art-forms to enhance the decor statement of your spaces. Similarly, the Brand also pays a lot of attention to its bedspreads collection and offers rich textures, patterns and designs to add colorful and dramatic quotient to your bed. Not only global, but the collection of bedspreads is inspired from global artworks, cultures, and designs ranging from the Roman era to Italian traditional art followed by rich Indian heritage. One can find out all the drama of different cultures over the premium velvets, silks, and satins.


A bedding that is comfortable and classy at the same time can not only induce sweet dreams after a tiring schedule but can also brighten up your dull bedroom with a much-needed splash of royal colors, a riot of print or collection of sensual textures. With the premium brand in place, one can make Premium Bedspread Online Purchase followed by cushions right from the online store without any hassles. The Brand has also introduced a brand new feature of on-site Personal Shopper to help you with the premium home décor shopping. You can clear all your doubts related to the fabric, material, durability and other features of each and every home décor product on the spot without leaving it for the future. So get ready to amplify your bedroom décor and make your bed the most luxurious and dreamy abode like never before.


 About the Company

Address Home is a premium home décor brand in India where one can find out the designer range of home decorative objects.

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